Stand out from the crowd with a professional business plan. The Business Plan Tool is an on-line business plan software that is designed for entrepreneurs and start-up owners. It gives you a professional toolbox to create a complete, accurate and great-looking business plan.

Regardless of where you are, or what device you're using, the Business Plan Tool is always there. When you want to work on your project, just sign in from any modern desktop or mobile device.

The Business Plan Tool makes it easy to put together a sound financial plan. By the end of the day, your contribution combined with the tool's powerful forecasting engine will create a bulletproof set of financial projections.

You need to put your best foot forward when you present your plan, so the Planning Tool produces good-looking, printed plans that will impress any investor. Simply download your plan as a PDF to print or share, or export it to Microsoft's Word to give it some final polish.

Done well, your business plan will look like it was created by a expert business plan writer.

A business plan is more than just a document that you send to readers. It is also an important decision support tool.

Impress your investors with a good plan and get the funding for your next business project!


Plan Builder

the Plan Builder makes it easy for you to add, remove, rename and rearrange the components of your plan to suit your needs. Far from a cookie-cutter business plan, you'll create a truly unique blueprint that's just right for your project.

Financial Planner

Write your plan without ever having to look at a spreadsheet. The Business Planner integrates an easy to use, yet powerful financial engine that eases the pain by automatically calculating those tricky financials for you.

Plan Publisher

The Plan Publisher gives you the capability to export your plan into common formats such as MS Word and PDF. It's easy to make your plan look exactly how you want it to look. Let the Plan Publisher to share your project with the confidence of an expert!


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Plan Builder

Write your business plan like a PRO

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Financial Planner

Impress your investors with rock-solid financials

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Plan Publisher

Get your winning plan in front of investors

Templates & Examples

Pick Your Best Fit Business Plan Template

The Business Plan Tool is featured with a great selection of business plan templates along with examples prepared by business planning professionals. You don't need to face a blank sheet and wonder what to write in your business plan sections. Check out the industry-specific plan templates below and get started easily.

  • 1. Classic business plan template

    This is a general business plan template that shall fit to more-less any type of business.


  • 2. Airline or Aviation business plan

    The airline business plan focuses on the facets of starting an Airline or Aviation business.


  • 3. Apparel business plan

    This template is aimed at creating an Apparel business plan


  • 4. Bar and Grill business plan

    This template is aimed at creating business plan for a Bar and Grill


  • 5. Breakfast Restaurant business plan

    This template is aimed at creating business plan for a Restaurant


  • 6. CrowdFunding business Plan

    Use this template to create a CrowdFunding business plan


  • 7. Chicken Wing business plan

    Use this template to create business plan for a Italian style restaurant


  • 8. Coffee business plan

    Use this template to create a Coffee business plan


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